Joanne P. Verified Buyer

Useful item. The real test is quality...

I was very excited to get my Boot Butler since my boot storage has been a nightmare for too long. This is a high quality product... Assembly took about 5 minutes. The materials are sturdy and well made and there is no doubt that Boot Butler will be holding my boots for years to come. Well done!

Joanne P. Verified Buyer

Sandra S. Verified Buyer

My boots were taking over the bedroom

Absolutely love this product! My husband showed it to me because he was tired of tripping over my boots in the bedroom. It was well packaged, easy to assemble and takes up very little space in the closet. 

Sandra S. Verified Buyer

V.M.N. Verified Buyer

I bought the Boot Butler for my spouse and she loves it!

No more piles of boots on the closet floor. The system is made out of quality materials and since there are no clips, there is no damage to the actual boots. The hooks are designed to fit nearly any closet system.

V.M.N. Verified Buyer


  • See all your boots at once with easy access.
  • Organize your boots in half the space.
  • No more messy piles of boots.
  • No more creases: extends the life of your valuable boots and preserves the shape.
  • The #1 Rated Boot Storage Solution on


As Seen On

Organizing guru Peter Walsh raved about Boot Butler on the Rachael Ray Show saying:

"they work beautifully"

Boot Butler is the ideal storage solution for your boots.

Its unique modular design can be expanded to accommodate your entire boot collection...Eliminate the clutter, prevent creases from faulty storage, and preserve the appearance and life of your boots!

How it Works

Boot Butlers' Patented boot hanger supports the shape of your boots and saves space by utilizing the depth of your closet to accommodate the longest dimension of your boots, while the modular boot ladders allow you to suspend them efficiently below your closet rod for great visibility, easy access, and safe keeping. It truly is the best organizer that has ever been offered for boots.
Our 5-pair boot rack contains everything you need to store 5-pairs of boots. It's designed to fit in the most common closet configuration where there's generally at least 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 meters) of space below the closet rod. If your closet has a garment rod that's high enough to hang long dresses than you can almost certainly fit 5 and maybe even 6 pairs of boots in one column below that rod. (Depending on the size and weight of the pair of boots you store at the bottom, its sometimes possible to hang 5 pairs of boots below a rod that's as little as 5 feet (1.52 meters) from the floor.)

No matter the height of your closet rod, the Boot Butler can adapt to fit.

Thanks to the Boot Butlers unique modular desig, if it turns out that you don't have enough space below the your rod to hang the entire rack in one column, you can take the parts that don't fit and use them to form another column next to the first.
Click "VIEW ON AMAZON" to order your Boot Butler today, and begin taking proper care of your boots!

Boot Butler 5-Pair Boot Rack

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Modular design can be configured to fit any closet.

(no additional parts required)

NOTE: Dimensions cover most situations, but may vary with boot size.

Some of the ways a Boot Butler can adapt to fit in virtually any closet

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Modular design can be configured to fit any closet.

(no additional parts required)